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HR & Payroll Lead

  • 15+ years working experience and is specialized in payroll and social security matters

  • BA in Business Economics and a MA in HR Management

  • Is an avid mountain biker


Managing Director

  • 20+ years working experience and supported over 20 Start-up companies from various industries.

  • BA in Business Economics and a MA in Labor Law

  • Has cats who love to jump into the picture during videocalls


Accounting Manager

  • 3+ years experience in Finance and Accounting

  • BA in law from Germany and Brazil

  • Activated the metal detectors in airports for 7 years after an accident in Chile


HR Operations Manager

  • 20+ years of experience ranging from HR to the event and service industry

  • Bachelor Professional in HR Management

  • Can't decide if she loves the mountains or the seaside more


HR Operations Manager

  • 15 years of professional experience, 5+ years of HR experience in various companies from start-ups to corporations

  • BA in Regional Management

  • Doesn't leave the house without her first coffee


HR Operations Manager

  • 5+ years of HR experience from companies such as Foodora and Rocket Internet

  • BA in Business Administration

  • Does weekly meal preps


HR Operations Manager

  • 5+ years of HR experience with a focus on administration and visa & relocation

  • Bachelor Professional in HR Management

  • Is a huge Disney fan


HR Operations Manager

  • 10+ years of experience ranging from HR to Paralegal topics

  • Foreign language correspondent

  • Is also a passionate Yoga teacher


Sr. Payroll Manager

  • 13+ years working experience in tax firms such as RSM, Meyer & Partner and Goldmann Tax Consulting

  • Bachelor Professional in Business Administration

  • Is a passionate Salsa dancer


Sr. Accounting Manager

  • 10+ years professional experience in companies such as IONIQ Group, Sparkasse and Tirendo

  • BA and MA in Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Taxation

  • Loves extended bike tours


Finance Lead

  • BA in Economics and Management

  • 10+ years professional experience in companies such as Bonial, FoundersLane and Sanity Group

  • Despite having moved a few times he has always lived in the same street of Berlin


Payroll Manager & HR Ops Assistant

  • Bachelor Professional in Tax and Payroll consulting

  • 5+ professional experience in Finance

  • Always sings the song of the Gummi Bears when eating gummy bears


Working Student Finance & HR

  • 1.5 years working experience in Finance & HR

  • BA in Economics & Law

  • Always listens to music when waking up


HR Operations Manager

  • 4+ years working HR & coaching experience in companies like Veganz, bookingkit and Erento

  • BA and MA in Psychology

  • Has a Rescue Diver Certification and can be found up to 30m deep in the Baltic Sea


Team Assistant Operations

  • 20+ years working experience as service industry manager and hotel management

  • Bachelor Professional in Hotel Management

  • Loves unicorns and everything that sparkles


HR Operations Manager

  • 13+ years professional experience in companies such as myToys, Ratepay, AxelSpringer and a Federal Ministry

  • Bachelor Professional in Digital & Print Media

  • Always has a food supply in her handbag.


Payroll Manager

  • 4+ years HR & Payroll experience with companies such as Deutsche Sparkassenstiftung e.V. and Reservistenverband e.V.

  • Bachelor Professional as Banking Clerk and Bachelor Professional in HR & Payroll Management

  • Is a passionate mountaineer and has already climbed over 6150 meters.

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We are experts in HR Operations, Payroll as well as Finance Operations from different backgrounds and with experiences ranging from startups over SMEs to corporate companies.

The KUNO values represent our spirit and how we work as a team and for our clients

Our team is driven by values, internally and externally

Honest Advisory

With transparency and open communication, we are a professional partner.

Team work

In all topics we work as a team and in partnership with our clients.


We ensure consistent quality by using our current as well as diverse expertise and always strive for optimal solutions.


Our trusting environment is our core and is reflected amongst ourselves as well as in our relationship with our clients.


We appreciate the differences of all and meet each other at eye level.

Challenge the status quo

'We have always done it that way' does not exist with us. We always strive to provide individual support for our clients.

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